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Andreas Hildebrandt, Prof. Dr.

Andreas Hildebrandt, Prof. Dr.

Head of Software Engineering and Bioinformatics

Room: 03-433
Johannes Gutenberg - Universität Mainz
Institut für Informatik
Staudingerweg 9

55128 Mainz, Germany

Office Phone: +49-6131-39-23334
Fax number: +49-6131-39-23534


Seifert, T, Lund, A, Kneissl, B, Mueller, SC, Tautermann, CS, and Hildebrandt, A (2014).
SKINK: a web server for string kernel based kink prediction in α-helices

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NightShift: NMR Shift Inference by General Hybrid Model Training - a Framework for NMR Chemical Shift Prediction.
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Efficient Interpretation of Tandem Mass Tags in Top-Down Proteomics
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Efficient computation of root mean square deviations under rigid transformations
Journal of Computational Chemistry:n/a–n/a.

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PresentaBALL - A powerful package for presentations and lessons in structural biology
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A Dynamic Program Analysis to find Floating-Point Accuracy Problems
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CellLineNavigator: a workbench for cancer cell line analysis
Nucleic acids research.

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ProteinScanAR - An augmented reality web application for high school education in biomolecular life sciences
In: Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Information Visualization in Biomedical Informatics (IVBI) 2012.